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I decided to measure my body fat at the gym today …..17.3% I now its not bad… but lets be honest its not great. When I was at uni I managed to get my body fat to about 10%. I’ve been injured for about 4 months  with my chest so two out of the 3 gym sessions are quite moderate … so that doesnt help. 

I am now going on a mission to get my body fat below 15% in at least a month. This will involve sorting out my diet ( which isn’t amazing ..need to cut down on the sweets ! ) and adding more cardio into my routine as my weight sessions are lacking intensity at the moment

If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them. When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope? We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up, or Fight Like Hell.
Lance Armstrong

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Chealsea … What a Joke

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It should never get to a point where a set of players have more power than the Manager . There is no way that any football club can succeed if they don’t have any guidance. How can a team learn to work with each other, if every year a new manager comes in with a new philosophy ? 

Chelsea will be screwed until they get a long term manager. Abromivich is stupid to think that the team will succeed by changing the manager every year. Just look at Man Utd, they are one of the most successful teams in the league and a big factor is the manager. 

It will get to a point when Chelsea will struggle to get a good manager ! as all the diesant managers  will realise that they will have no control what so ever ! 

I am currently on a placement year for a large construction company as an assistant QS . I can safely say that my experience of my placement year has been very bad ! Instead of learning anything about the job that I am considering going into when I a leave university, I seem to be used as an administration assistant, dealing with all the monotonous tasks that no one can be bothered to do. If  for example I was in fact employed as an administration assistant for the company this would not be a problem, but due to the fact that I have taken a year out of my degree to gain some EXPERIENCE within a profession and understand the job more … it is an absolute piss take that I end up spending my day inputting rates into a spreadsheet, and not learning anything remotely useful about the quantity surveying profession.

I understand that I will get the crap jobs within this year, but so far this placement year has been a massive waste of my time .. The only positive factor I can take out of this so far is that I am getting paid. I would suggest to anyone who is taking a placement year to ensure that the year is structured and that you will get a useful experience. This may look good on my CV, but in terms of actually giving me experience I believe that it has been a massive waste


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Ive been injured for about 4 months now with a chest injury, and just had my first personal training rehabilitation session. I got to say it was very good, I never knew there was so many flexibility exercises and stretches !  I would personally recommend anyone that is injured to seek a personal trainer to get a proper program.

I thought I would jump on the bandwagon as its valentines day and talk about relationships. I’ve been in a relationship for a couple of years now, but for this year its turned into a long distance relationship. People always moan about long distance relationships and they are very difficult, but personally I believe there are a few benefits that come from not seeing each other every day.

Firstly your relationship doesn’t  get boring, as you dont see each other all the time, when you do see each other its exciting and you want to make the most out of it, therefore you do a lot more exciting things , such as day trips, meals out etc.

Secondly the sex life is more exciting, once again as you don’t see each other as much, when you do see each other ..you will want to rip each others clothes off!! As a result your sex life doesn’t get stale.

There are plenty of negatives to a long distance relationship, but I do think they can work if you try hard enough with it.

Personally I think  the English public are their own worse enemy when it comes to international football. Firstly look at Fabio Capello, was he really that bad a manager? He was seen as one of the best managers in the world with a proven track record. All this talk about Harry Rednapp being the saviour of the England football team, is so unproductive ! If Harry Rednapp did actually take the job, due to all the media coverage and over the top expectations that come with it, will put so much pressure on Rednapp and the team that if they don’t do as well as expected. We will be going down the same route we have been going down with England Managers since Sven.

Personally I think the media should really back off. By building up all these new managers and players, it adds so much pressure to the team and the players, that some players just cant handle it.

War horse …. Average film

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Personally I was quite disappointed in this film, but i personally think this is because of the massive expectations that I have when it comes to a Spielberg film. The actual film is good, like its gripping , interesting film. But there is something lacking in this film to make it a true Spielberg epic. It lacks anything that will make you think ‘WOW’ when you get out of the cinema.

Once again Spielberg absolutely nails the war scenes, it creates a very clear image of exactly what it was like in the trenches. This was the highlight for me in the film. See when I went, I went with my girlfriend and she loved it, she balled her eyes out over it.

It could be me, but personally I reckon Spielberg could of upped his game a little. Its a good film, but its not a Spielberg classic.

The Modern Meaning Of Life

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Today it seems that the meaning of life tends to be to work 9-5 , in a job that you hate. To pay for the peoples carrier that’s on your drive, and the holidays to Spain. It is a shame that in today’s modern world, are generation are being brought up to think that this is what life is all about.

Surely there is more to life than this. The main goal for me in life is to ensure that I actually like my life. This could involve working for absolute pittance but Christ! Kids within our generation seem to strive for security… Get that job that will see you through, so you can get the house etc. Where is the fun in that ! Surely life should be full of surprises both good and bad, and then at least when you have these suprises, you can say you have actually lived your life.